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Land Subdivision Finance

Land subdivision finance facilities by Finance Advocates have assisted property developers and property development groups secure superior GRV gearing ratios not readily available in the marketplace.

Land subdivision finance Australia wide has ranged from smaller parcels allotments for onselling, through to future estate construction. Projects we finance are single property, up to large tracts split into many separate lots for on-sale

Finance Advocates uses its three decades of proven experience and deep financial marketplace understanding and key lending relationships to deliver those vital land subdivision funding solutions that allow developers to move projects forward efficiently, rather than experience being held up with endless red tape.

We appreciate that projects are complex entities and can be infuriatingly time consuming. To gain the necessary finance, it makes sense to work with specialists who understand this process and challenges intimately; and have well-established relationships with a range of accepted GRV, Mezzanine Equity Funding, and other lending funding sources, including low doc construction finance options.

Our aim is to deliver solutions that allow you to get that project off the ground and offer great borrowing power, eased - or no - pre-sale conditions, and mercifully less red tape. This is why our options are considered by many to be superior to those offered by lending options elsewhere; and are the choice of so many savvy property developers.

Land Subdivision Loans

Land subdivision loans should enable your project to gain momentum with your development project, never hold you back or frustrate you. No matter the size of the project, you want to get it started as soon as possible. We appreciate how frustrating it can often be to finally obtain bank approval only to then discover how thoroughly unworkable some bank terms can be. We appreciate you need to be considering key factors such as land acquisition, roadworks, provision of facilities and much more. You don’t want finance to be nothing more than a hold-up to actually getting things done!

Our Finance Advocates team understand this, and offer the experience to provide hassle-free financial solutions; both for full doc and low doc situations.

For example: the real value in Gross Realisation Value finance occurs because:

With Finance Advocates we achieve swifter decisions, fewer loan conditions and with less decision-makers being involved full stop

It’s little wonder that savvy developers and property development groups, who we’ve built deep long term relationships with over the last thirty years, reflect on their positive experience with our boutique service levels and superior finance outcomes by contrast to their past effort trying to obtain land subdivision loans elsewhere.

Such a simple starting point

As leading facilitators of superior land subdivision facilities Australia wide, we help to maximise your development project options. We offer a fuss free application process and welcome you to get the ball rolling with an obligation free development feasibility analysis and phone call.

To discover how we can deliver swift and proven GRV finance outcomes for your project simply complete the below enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.

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