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Land Bank Finance

Land bank funding is a vital component of any project as you work towards the settlement of land throughout zoning stages and the DA approval process. Using expert providers of land bank funding for clients throughout Australia such as our highly experienced and specialised Finance Advocates team is a vital cog in keeping the project wheels in motion.

Developing the property, you want to focus on key areas such as securing a construction contract, design, rezoning, construction approvals, marketing activities and the gaining of vital pre-sales. We know that securing the necessary finance can be a time consuming and frustrating hassle you could well do without! Thankfully, that’s where we come in!

For three decades, we have worked with many long-term property development clients, and for all sizes of developments from a simple division to a substantial large tract project or an amalgamation with other sites. For their benefit, we have used our in-depth knowledge of project funding. We have matched this with our expertise in delivering superior, fast and effective financial resources.

Land Bank Loans

Land Bank loans allow projects to move forward; so waiting for finance should never leave you standing still! This is true for both full doc and low doc situations.

Importantly, Gross Realisation Value finance is considered by many to be a superior alternative to traditional bank finance options when seeking funding. Many savvy developers see it as their most effective choice. Why? A vital factor is that it requires either eased or even no pre-sales conditions to be met before the project can get fully underway. Also, it offers greater borrowing power for land bank loans - a truly vital consideration for the success of so many projects. Instead of offering funding against the total development cost, it makes calculations with reference to the project’s end value. This can reduce a client’s personal investment requirements.

Another point in GRV’s favour is a welcome lack of red tape, as it regularly involves fewer loan conditions and decision makers. Many of our Finance Advocate clients also appreciate the pace at which positive outcomes, end-to-end solutions, and acceptable serviceability requirements can be delivered.

Making a move

If you want to move forward with obtaining the finance for your project, contact our specialist team now. We are happy to undertake an obligation free development feasibility analysis. And you’ll find our application process to be thoroughly fuss free!

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