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Development Finance Geelong

Development finance Geelong is predominantly a way to maximise their group’s financial benefit for our clients.

They operate through a combination of a reduced requirement for pre-sales, a reduction in cross securitisation, allowing for lower equity contributions while delivering maximum possible gearing.

Our development finance Geelong facilities feature the utilisation of private construction finance sources, as well as more traditional ones. We have found Gross Realisation Funding (GVR) to be a preferred choice of most of our clients. In this way, their project is funded with a consideration of a project’s end value. This results in a reduction in the level of a client’s own personal investment. Finance Advocates have been highly successful in creating effective property finance structures for discerning property developers.

Low Doc Development Finance

Low doc development finance offers a superb alternative, even for clients who have effective working relationships with their current bank. At first glance, offers from that source might seem to be delivering a more competitive rate. However, we have found that this does not inevitably provide the best choice when all your specific considerations and circumstances are assessed.

Our objective for all our clients is clear and simple. It’s to direct them towards the best-possible funding package for their key development project. We work hard to fully understand their goals, and share their obvious desire to realise the maximum value.

Low doc development finance offers our Geelong clients alternatives which are well worth careful consideration. It offers a higher level of flexibility, and can accrue lower costs while delivering maximum financial benefit.

With thirty years and more of hard-won experience, Finance Advocates also appreciate how welcome any reduction in the seemingly interminable red tape requirements can be!

Currently have a project under consideration? If so, we invite you to carefully assess the superior development facilities, which includes our highly popular GVR products. Our aim is to help heighten your borrowing as effectively as possible. So, take a few moments to establish contact with our highly-valued Finance Advocates specialists. We offer an obligation free conversation and are pleased to conduct a complimentary feasibility analysis.

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