Land Development Finance Southport

Development Finance Southport

Finance Advocates was approached by one of its Melbourne based developers who had purchased a DA approved development site in Southport Queensland.

The challenge however was that he was dealing with another broker but he could not deliver and with only 10 days to go until settlement the client was getting a little anxious as the vendor would not provide an extension and Queensland settlements do not allow for an additional 14 days or recession notices unlike Victoria. With its vast array of contacts and funding options Finance Advocates quickly went to work and procured a genuine Letter of Offer within one business day at 70% LVR which was promptly accepted and valuation commissioned which was also confirmed as being able to be completed within 7 days.

End result was the client was signing loan documents within the 7 days comfortably making the original settlement date. The developer will now rehash the existing permit to an 80 level apartment building which we look forward to assisting with the construction finance next year.

So if you’re a developer that needs land bank or superior GRV finance call Renato at Finance Advocates on 1300 780 196 or 0438 600 838.

Armstrong Creek Land Subdivision 80% GRV Finance

Finance Advocates is pleased to share its latest funding package that just settled for one of its developer clients which was an $18m loan facility for a land Sub Division in Stage 1 plus an additional super lot in Armstrong Creek.

Armstrong Creek Land Subdivision

Working closely with the clients, who had limited development experience since the purchase of the site some 18 months earlier Finance Advocates has assisted the client navigate the Covid period where a funding for development projects was extremely difficult to obtain and saw a number of lenders retreat from the market. Advice and guidance was also provided throughout the valuation and QS process. The end result was a loan facility which equated to a whopping 80% of the Gross Realisation net of GST and all with less than 100% debt coverage.
The stretched loan facility has now allowed the clients to bring forward their plans to commence the subdivision on the Super Lot something they were extremely keen to do given the level of demand for residential home blocks in this suburb and also has now freed up their capital to allow them to negotiate the purchase of a neighbouring parcel of land for future subdivision which they though may have been out of their reach.

So if you’re a property developer big or small that’s looking for a finance consultant that can obtain more than just a great finance package call Renato Sturma on 1300 780 196 or 0438 600 838 now to discuss your requirements

Development Finance Tasmania ‘Velo On Bentley’ Bridport

Development Finance Tasmania, GRV Finance Tasmania

Finance Advocates is pleased to advise it will be assisting well known Boutique developer Mandie Austin with her upcoming Bridport project in Tasmania. Twelve luxury beachfront apartments designed by award winning architects Artas will be built on the site with construction expected to commence in the next couple of months. The attached link with flip book details the quality of the development here:


Development Finance Tasmania, GRV Finance Tasmania

With prices starting from $1,280,000, astute property investors around the country should seriously look at investing in this piece of Tasmanian real estate which has been one of the best performing in the country and predicted to continue to do so by many property experts. The official sales launch has only just commenced with massive interest and several contracts already issued and sales confirmed so be quick as these won’t last long on the market.

Tasmanian property developers should also get in touch with Finance Advocates to take advantage of the superior GRV funding options available to them by contacting Renato Sturma on 1300 780 196 or +61438600838

China development consultancy

china dev meeting

Finance Advocates Australia not only assists developers with tailored finance solutions but also offer a variety of consultancy services.
Recently a Melbourne based developer requested the services of Finance Advocates Australia to prepare and present a presentation for a tender in China.

With its vast experience and knowledge over 32 years in development finance Finance Advocates Australia helped the developer successfully win the tender.

If you are a developer that needs assistance beyond just finance these are the people to talk to.

Development Ready’s feature interview with Renato

Development Ready is Australia’s only dedicated property portal solely focused on showcasing development opportunities available within the is used by both Real estate agents and developers alike and has listed over 2000 properties since its inception with total sales values in excess of $3 billion

As part of its excellent service and commentary to the market it has assembled a panel of industry experts to feature in a series of videos designed for it dedicated market. Renato Sturma of Finance Advocates Australia was chosen by Development Ready to feature in the Property Finance video as he is considered to be a leader in this field with his 32 years on banking and property finance experience

No pre-sale finance 48 Unit Student accommodation project

Finance Advocates Australia was set the massive challenge of finding a funding solution for an experienced South Australian developer who wanted to build and hold (not sell) a 48 room student accommodation project in Mawson Lakes South Australia.

With its vast experience, contacts and knowledge Finance Advocates was able to structure with one its Mortgage Trusts that exact package.

The developer had tried for several months all the traditional banks and lenders who would only consider the transaction if the project had 100% plus debt coverage.

The project is now well under construction now with an expected completion date later in the year where Finance Advocates may also assist with the take out of the construction loan to a main stream bank once the leasing up of the building is complete.

No pre-sales loan with a Bank

No pre-sale finance from a bank to developers is still achievable even in this current lending market.

Finance Advocates recently obtained finance for an experienced developer for an 8 townhouse project in the suburb of Ivanhoe with no pre-sales.

The developer who specifically requested no pre-sales as his strategy was to hold the properties long term or maybe sell one or two on completion to maximise the sales price in this rising market set the challenge for the Finance Advocates Team.

With its vast experience and contacts obtained over 32 years in development finance, Finance Advocates Australia structured a loan package with a second tier bank that met the brief of the client.

The project has now commenced construction with one very satisfied developer.

Mordialloc 4 Dwelling Property Development Finance Case Study

In a more recent case study to share, a client approached Finance Advocates with strict instructions that No Pre-Sales were required on their 4 townhouse project in Mordialloc. They believed that they will obtained better results once construction was started rather than before any soil was turned.

Finance Advocates was able to arrange this facility for the client with a second tier bank at 75% of TDC cost.

The project commenced and all four townhouses were sold within a month at above expected amounts. Another happy client.

If you’re looking for superior property development project finance Finance Advocates can assist. Get in touch for a complimentary feasibility analysis. Call 1300 780 196. Or simply visit and register your interest via our enquiry form.


Preparation for a obtaining a Development Finance Facility

Further to our our media feature “Convincing the lender to say Yes” as published in the Australian Property Investor Magazine we focus on the topic of “Preparation for a Development Finance Facility”

When approaching a lending institution being a Bank or otherwise, it’s vital to be prepared with quality information and knowledge about the site and the project you intend to build. Whilst perhaps stating the obvious it’s amazing how often over the years at Finance Advocates, that we have been approached by clients advising that have purchased a site without any idea of the core basics of the development.

I refer to such things as the profit margin on the job, the potential gross realisation of the project, the saleability of the actual property and is it the most suitable for the area, cost of construction and other costs such as selling agents fees and the most often forgotten GST. Too often sites are purchased without regard to the land cost because emotion gets in the way of good business sense.

Of course good preparation and thorough knowledge of what you intend to build and sell if that’s the case, makes the job of the lender in approving the finance all so much easier.

Finance Advocates Australia is a development finance specialist assisting clients with this process, and not only guides developers large and small with their development finance application but also provides a guiding path with information required and feasibility reviews.

Take advantage of our obligation free development finance feasibility assessment by one of our specialist by getting in touch today on 1300 780 196.  


Banks continue to tighten the screws on Melbourne Developers.

An experienced owner/builder recently approached FAA as he was frustrated with his long standing bank who wanted to dilute down his borrowing ability because of his owner/builder status. They also decided to increase his pre-sale requirements to over 100% of debt coverage, creating unrealistic engagement terms.


The client had existing plans and permits to build 13 apartments, both 1 and 2 bedrooms, in a well located position in the suburb of Footscray, with an end value of $5.235m.


As the marketing campaign had only recently commenced, he only had two pre-sales to date. His intention was also to hold on to some stock with previous experience dictating better sales results towards the completion end of the project. This enabled prospective purchasers to admire the quality of the finishes compared with other stock in the area.


His bank simply would not entertain this position!


Through one of its GRV lenders FAA was able to arrange a superior borrowing package where the client obtained 65% of the end value of the project net of GST.


Furthermore the lender required only 4 pre-sales to enable construction to commence, and again because of the strong relationships FAA has with its lenders, they allowed one of the sales to be a related party transaction to his own SMSF.


The project is now in commencement stage well ahead of schedule, compared to where the bank’s 100% plus debt coverage position would leave him. Most importantly our valued client requires less of his own cash contribution towards the project, due to the superior borrowing power of the GRV



If you’re a developer also experiencing increasing limitations by your bank to obtain development finance for your next project, contact Renato Sturma on 1300 780 196 to discuss a superior borrowing package today or email