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Construction Finance Brisbane

Construction finance Brisbane facilities for all property development projects and sizes.

Our specialists both understand and have access to property development finance for projects of all sizes from a small duplex site through to a large multi storey property development project.

Our construction finance Brisbane funding sources include both traditional leading financial institutions as well as private development loans where the fees, charges and interest rate are dearer, but the property development loan is far more flexible allowing greater borrowing against the end value of the project.

Low Doc Construction Finance

Low doc construction finance is now chosen by many property development groups as an excellent way of adding pace to their projects.

Too often, key financial decisions seem double-bound; first by so much red tape and then by almost draconian loan conditions. Full disclosure is too often a hard and fast application compliance requirement.

There is however another choice: obtaining low doc construction finance through Finance Advocates. Taking the time to workshop your unique project with us will demonstrate how our GRV facilities can deliver a swift financial advantage over current traditional lending choices. This process includes a highly valuable complimentary property development feasibility analysis backed with an obligation free discussion, outlining our funding options.

The key benefits our clients appreciate is in the careful analysis of a project by considering its merits and profitability as a sole purpose entity. Such flexibility, delivered by Finance Advocates, can provide a valuable addition and viable alternative to existing relationships with a major lender.

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