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Apartment Construction Finance

Apartment construction finance on the cards for your next development project?

Do you have an indicative offer from your current lender but suspect there are better offers and options out there amongst other lenders? Chances are you are correct!

With over 30 years of experience in apartment construction finance, we specialise in multi-unit construction finance and our specialists have helped property developers just like you, to source superior finance structures to what you have experienced to date.

Our company’s statistics continue to demonstrate that 90% of our clients heavily considered accepting their current banks offer before proceeding with our specialists, who provided a facility that was not only more competitive but proved to provide far greater advantages and flexibility including:

  1. Fewer Presales
  2. Less Equity Contribution
  3. Minimal to no cross securitisation with other development projects or existing assets in your portfolio.
  4. A superior facility based on the end value of the project, gross realisation value, rather than on fixed costs.

Low Doc Apartment Construction Finance

Low doc apartment construction finance offers the flexibility to advance your project without the typical red tape and strict loan conditions imposed by major lenders.

Full disclosure is not a hard and fast compliance requirement during the application process, providing our clients with the ability to secure their low doc apartment construction finance based on the profitability of the project on its own merit, and as a sole purpose entity.

Property development groups have often retained a good working relationship with their major lender but realise that to accelerate their overall wealth creation strategy through property development, diversification of their lending facilities with a specialist provider such as Finance Advocates enables them to realise their vision across multiple projects - faster. Have an upcoming development site? Why not reach out to our specialists to claim your obligation free consultation and complimentary property development feasibility analysis. Our experts will help you workshop your unique project and illustrate how our GRV facilities will provide you with the financial advantage over your current lending option.

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