How Valuations can impact your Development Finance application?

Obtaining a valuation report upfront before you approach a lender or broker is considered a smart and professional approach to your development finance application.

Too often over the years Finance Advocates Australia ( ) has seen issues arise on the tail end of the finance application due to shortfalls in valuations or unexpected comments or issues within the report. This of course can cause major delays in commencing the project whilst these issues are worked through.

Having a valuation upfront allows the financier or broker to know exactly the numbers they are working to and then tailor the finance package around the valuation.

It’s a good idea to discuss with your financier or broker which valuer will be acceptable or on a particular panel and also pay attention to the timing of the valuation as some may only be valid for a period of three months before they become obsolete or require updating.

Finance Advocates Australia with its 29 years of experience has relationships with numerous valuation firms and can provide you assistance and guidance with the selection of a valuer for your next project. To learn more call us on 1300 780 196.