GRV Finance

No Presales Development Finance

Finance Advocates delivers superior development finance facilities compared to those offered by major banks and only promised by our competitors.

Our ‘Classic Product’ described below provides eased pre-sale conditions, however many of our clients with strong project parameters such as development location, previous experience and track record, have secured loan approval on a ‘No Pre-Sale’ basis.

Get in touch now to learn what we can achieve for your project! Rest assured, our team work on a, no loan – no service fee guarantee. Simply fill out the form below to secure your confidential and obligation free discussion.

Classic Product

Project Gearing: 67% of Gross Realisation Value (GRV) net of GST.
PreSales: Some pre-sales may be required depending on project size
Max Loan Size: $10,000,000
Location: Melbourne Metro preferred. Adelaide Metro considered.
Interest Rate: from 9.75% Note: Loan facility includes interest capitalisation.
Lenders Application Fee: from 1.5%
*rates fees and charges are indicative and subject to change.
*subject to the lenders due diligence and approval

Get your project started sooner and maximise your profits without the red tape and pre-sale hurdles required by the banks. For more information on pricing and fees please call Renato directly on 0438 600 838 or simply complete the below enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.