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Construction Loan

Finance Advocates Australia understands the long-term goal in construction development is to realise maximum value at project’s end. Each construction and development project is unique and a borrower may require a special loan that provides flexibility on progressive drawdowns, repayments and redraws.

We help advise on structuring your loan through introducing you to a lender and relationship manager who is best skilled to advise with your specific needs.

Whether based in Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, we source the appropriate construction loan to assist you realise your vision.

Finance Advocates provides advocacy services to clients across the spectrum of the development industry, from larger developers to smaller independent investors seeking residential construction loans.

The construction loan we find for you will:

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We are able to facilitate access to:

1 —

Gross Realisation Funding

This type of finance is:
2 —

Mezzanine Equity Funding

Is appropriate for borrowers who choose to:

3 — Funding Against Cost

Simple loan structures are funded against cost of development

4 — Landbank Funding

Borrowers requiring a holding mechanism during project start-up to cover off planning approvals, builder/tender selection etc. Finance Advocates has access to lenders that are prepared to lend up to 66.66% of land value (independent of purchase price) and in some instances up to 75% of the value.

Low Doc Construction Loan

Low Doc Construction Loan or Low Doc Development Loans have only been introduced in recent years allowing applicants with little financial evidence to obtain construction finance for their property development projects. The nature of these projects can vary and include a small duplex development to multi townhouse development, right through to a multi storey commercial building.

Low doc development loans will have a great variance in rates, application fees and other charges depending on the where the funding can be sourced from.

Our specialists have an excellent record achieving an excellent balance between competitive finance offers that at the same time maximise the borrowing amounts for our valued clients.

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