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Finance Advocates is a specialist property development finance consultancy, with 30 years experience and over $1 billion of loans funded.



Development Finance

Development Finance

Property Development Finance for Developers is sourced for small townhouse developments, but we regularly assist with Apartment Construction Finance facilities suitable for multi residential apartment projects as well as mixed use retail and residential projects.

Construction Loan

Construction Finance

Construction Finance Loans are achieved through traditional banks, however through our relationships we're able to source superior alternative forms of lending including:

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Engage our specialists obligation free and fee free. You have peace of mind that our service fee is only payable upon successful loan settlement. That is our strict guarantee.

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Why choose us for Development Finance?

As development finance specialists, Finance Advocates leverage its 28 years of industry experience and key business relationships with alternative construction loan lenders and major banks to successfully help property developers throughout Australia, secure competitive property development finance structures only promised elsewhere.

Our clients often experience challenges with their banking relationships be it management moving on or the respective bank simply not honouring the original parameters of their construction loan offer.

How Gross Realisation Finance benefits you?

If you're seeking out alternative apartment construction loans for your next development through Gross Realisation Funding (GRV Loans) then you've come to the right place.

Our specialists deliver on the core objectives of your next development project. This includes; experiencing a fuss free application and approval process, minimising equity contribution and pre-sale conditions and maximising your borrowing capacity.

Explore your options today by having an obligation free discussion with our specialists. Call 1300 780 1961300 780 196.

Development Finance Specialists

Finance Advocates is an independent, privately owned and operated development finance consultancy, strictly dedicated to serving Australia’s property developers. The daily focus and only focus is structured development finance.


  • Project Location: Collingwood
  • Project Value: $16,427,350
  • Project Description: 30 apartments and 2 retail shop over 5 levels.
  • Case Study: The client a first time developer had owned the site for a number of years which happened to be a former service station with contamination issues. A number of banks would not entertain the development due to client’s inexperience and past history of the site. Professional project managers were appointed to manage the contamination issues and the appointment of an appropriate builder to see the project through to completion.
  • Finance Delivered: Finance Advocates was able to structure a loan with a major bank to complete the project as well as reimbursing them upfront the costs spent to date on getting the site ready for construction.
  • Project Location: Chelsea
  • Project Value: $14,500,000
  • Project Description: Initial Land Bank and then to be 27 apartments over 3 levels
  • Case Study: The client purchased a site which comprised four separate properties all of which were unoccupied with no rental income. There were also some contamination issues from one of the commercial properties causing concern. The client’s intentions were to settle the site then reconfigure the existing permit to what they believed would give them a better design and yield. The clients had approached a number of banks which advised them that they were either not interested in land banking the deal or at best would get 50% LVR on the “as is” value.
  • Finance Delivered: Finance Advocates with its broad range of lenders was able to arrange via one of its mortgage trusts a 78% LVR of the purchase price for 12 months. Permit has now been reconfigured and the pre-sale process has commenced with a commitment from a major bank to do the construction finance.
  • Project Location: Brunswick
  • Project Value: $7,330,000
  • Project Description: 14 apartments and 1 commercial unit over 5 levels.
  • Case Study: The client is an experienced owner builder and developer had owned the site for a number of years. Their main trading bank who they banked with for a number of years would not assist with finance insisting they would not fund an owner / builder project. The clients also at that stage only had 6 of the apartments pre-sold or about 60% of debt coverage.
  • Finance Delivered: Finance Advocates arranged through a second tier bank a loan package to 75% of the Total Development Costs of the project.
  • Project Location: Collingwood
  • Project Value: $6,715,000
  • Project Description: 14 Apartments over 4 levels
  • Case Study: The client who was well established with one of the major banks was declined finance for his 14 apartment project due to the level of pre-sales he had achieved. At that point 4 apartments were sold with intention of holding some of the stock and selling others on completion to maximise the sales revenue. Prior to approaching Finance Advocates was the client also approached another two banks that also declined to assist with the transaction.
  • Finance Delivered: Finance Advocates was able to structure a loan of $4,000,000 which was 67% of the Gross Realisation Value net of GST with the 4 sales being more than sufficient to get the project started.
  • Project Location: Richmond
  • Project Value: $4,750,000
  • Project Description: 2 Luxury High End Homes
  • Case Study: The client had the land funded by his bank and assured him construction funds were available when he was ready to commence construction.
    At that point his bank then advised that there was a change in Bank policy that required him to either put in more cash or equity into the project which was something that he was not in a position to do. The project was now stalled pending funding with a builder ready to go on site
  • Finance Delivered: Finance Advocates approached one of its second tier banks that specialises in construction loans and arranged an 82% of cost loan. The project is now currently under construction.
  • Project Location: Elwood
  • Project Value: $4,700,000
  • Project Description: 2 Luxury Townhouses
  • Case Study: Client was a 20 + year client of a major bank who also held substantial credit funds at the same time. The partnerships intentions was to build two luxury townhouses on their property with view of selling one on completion to maximise their return which would go close to completely clearing all their debts.
    After approaching their existing bank they were advised that it would only be approved if they had a pre-sale on one of the townhouses prior construction commencing.
  • Finance Delivered: Finance Advocates was engaged and were efficiently able to secure the client a funding package through a bank, without the need for any pre-sales. One of the properties subsequently sold at Auction for $400,000 above the reserve.
  • Project Location: Preston
  • Project Value: $3,230,000
  • Project Description: 7 Townhouses
  • Case Study: The client, an owner builder, was unable to secure finance on his development project despite having the land unencumbered, as his bank and several others were insisting on some level of pre-sales (in some cases 100% debt coverage).
  • Finance Delivered: Finance Advocates successfully secured a funding packaged with a second tier bank funding 100% of the construction costs, capitalised interest and some additional soft cost with NO-PRESALE conditions.
  • Project Location: Beaumaris
  • Project Value: $3,200,000
  • Project Description: 2 Luxury Townhouses
  • Case Study: Client commenced construction of two luxury townhouses initially using his own funds without securing any funding approval from the bank beforehand. On nearing the completion of the frame stage he approached his bank (one of the majors) only to be declined funding, as the “cost to complete” fell way outside of Bank policy guidelines and there were no pre-sales in place. The client then approached a further six lenders who all failed to assist.
  • Finance Delivered: The client approached Finance Advocates who were able to structure a finance package with a second tier bank that not only allowed to complete the construction, but did not place any pre-sale commitments. The project was successfully completed and a sale achieved on one of the townhouses on completion.
  • Project Location: Forest Hill
  • Project Value: $1,350,000
  • Project Description: 2 Luxury Townhouses
  • Case Study: Clients commenced the construction of two townhouses using their own funds to progress them to base stage, before securing funding approval from their bank. Their long standing bank then declined to assist as the loan request fell outside of bank policy despite already having one of the properties pre-sold.
  • Finance Delivered: On approaching Finance Advocates, they were able to obtain a funding package that equated to 80% initially on the land and 67% of the overall Gross Realisation of the Project.

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